Patient Portal Of Your Own


Click the hyperlink below to access portal login page:

A patient portal may be established after your first visit to our new office, which a secure, direct e-mail

address where you may receive summaries of your medical care, labs and other diagnostic testing and communicate non-urgent matters with Dr. French.  As part of healthcare reform, patients are encouraged

to take charge of medical information and records from their providers. 

Office Services

* Primary Care Coordination

* Preventive Services

* Wellness exams

* School physicals

* DIagnostic Labs and EKGs

* Rapid HIV, influenza and strep testing

* Pulse oximetry

* Intravenous fluids

* Abscess drainage

* Cryotherapy and chemical destruction of warts

* Sexually transmitted disease treatment

* PEP and PreP

* Comprehensive HIV infection diagnosis and treatment

* Chronic Hep C treatment and cure finally!

* Strattera for ADHD, I do NOT prescribe Adderall/Ritalin

* LGBT-friendly office                                                                                          

* care360 electronic medical record, scheduling and billing                             

* Special appointment times may be arranged outside of office hours

* We utilize a professional, experienced billing service (Medic Management)


Call Us:  More to come